Retro Gaming

Mar 22 2012

Have you ever wondered why retro games appear on our devices today? You can download them to your iPhone and buy them for the playstation.

I’m on my holiday in Gran Canaria, sat in Sparkles bar using their wifi. The first thing I do is check for Facebook updates, followed by a visit to the App Store for anything interesting.

Well actually my phone got confiscated by the drag queen and I’ll leave that for another post…

Street Fighter 4 was going for £0.59, and seeing how I love Street Fighter since I bought it. Street Fighter 4 isn’t as retro but Street Fighter 2 was great on the arcades and later on the

Sonic 1 and 2 were on sale also. Playing Sonic 1 brought back many fond memories. It’s catchy music and bright levels and simple controls made sonic a great game. Fond memories of speeding through the level and fonder memories of collecting the emeralds. More so I remembered how annoying Marble Zone was and still is! How I loved (only yesterday) to have my rings take away by the purple spiky caterpillar and then fall into the lava! Oh how I enjoyed having to replay that level over and over again. I’m sure it didn’t take that long when I was a kid. I’ve finished it now so have the rest to look forward to.

Why are retro games replicated for the current machines? Is it to remind us of what games were like? Is it to remind us of what we used to play, and for the most part, enjoy? Games were certainly harder back then; I rarely completed a game on the Amiga, the Commodore 64 even less likely so. The controls were simpler back then, with the exception of Frontier: Elite 2, and then again I wasn’t one for reading instruction manuals. Who was at 11 years old? I might try again when I return home; there’s a downloadable version of the first Elite available to play on the pc.

It’s nice to see present games pay homage to those of our past. Bayonetta has a level replicating that of Space Harrier. The music was replicated, and the need to constantly be on the move since you couldn’t see directly in front of you was copied. It’s nice to see it in games today.

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Attraction in Game Characters

Nov 06 2011

Would you say game designers/artists are biased when it comes to what their game characters look like? Read on and you’ll know what I’m thinking about…

My fiancé is currently playing Batman: Arkham City. Batwoman is shown to prance around with a bust and rear end, giving the gamers much to glare upon. What about the male characters? I know batman has a good chest under that bat suit, but where is everything else? Why haven’t the designers given him something to glare upon?

I’ve seen it in Bayonetta. I’ve seen it in Dantes Inferno. I’ve seen it in God Of War. All in favour of seeing women bare all…

What do you think?

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Fly me to the moon and and let me play among the stars…

Mar 06 2011

…Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars.

If you’ve played Bayonetta then you’d know what I’m writing about. With a plot centered around a witch who destroys angels, the game starts by throwing you in to one of the most impressive cut scenes I’ve seen in a long while, followed by game play and achy fingers from button bashing. Not so good for causing yourself injury but that gets better as you learn to pull off the fancy moves Bayonetta has in store… in her hair. No, seriously.

Fighting angels may sound a tad unusual from the norm, but you don’t feel bad about it in the slightest. Actually, there’s more satisfaction from pulling off an earned torture maneuver just to gain some extra points.

I’m on my third play through at the moment so I can collect all the remaining power-ups I missed the first two times, and of course the extra weapons, which in turn earn you a higher score. It all adds up for when you complete each level and gain a reward for how well you’ve done; it loves to tell you how bad you’ve done for the most part, which is always fun to know.

One word would describe it: bonkers! Amazing also, but that makes two words. Who wouldn’t want to play a game where a huge stiletto heel kicks out of the heroine’s hair and smashes in to the enemy? How about a dragon? There’s more.

I have a stack of games to play on the ps3, yet I want and choose to play Bayonetta. I’ve finished it twice yet Heavy Rain and Call Of Duty: Black Ops remain sitting in their cases.

In other words…

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